The best of nature in the service of the bacteriological safety
Based on principles of action well known to science, produced using cutting edge technology with Pharma quality ingredients, cleverly proportioned and perfectly balanced, CitrusDefence® is the best safeguard against the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses, using what nature has made easier ally to the human ingenuity.

CitrusDefence® is used for disinfection of surfaces, applications for which a series of tests at the Pasteur Institute of Lille, France, according to the European Suspension Test BS EN 1276 has been realized.

Food Chain

Maximize the safety of your food chain and reduce the costs of returning goods and stocks. CitrusDefence® misted on fruits and vegetables, or used in meat processing ensures a longer product life, a decline in the expiry date and better security throughout the food chain. CitrusDefence® and its derivatives have the potential to revolutionize the food industry because they can be used where many chemicals cannot or where pathogen mutation has created biocide resistance. It can also be combined with many ingredients to potentiate them i.e. production of a secondary range of non-direct food contact cleaner/sanitizers and terminal rinse sanitizers.
The CitrusDefence® Food Wash & Natural Preservative is derived from organic extracts and can be used as a processing aid for controlling contaminating micro-organisms in the food industry. It reduces the risk of food poisoning by eliminating pathogenic micro organisms which then extend the shelf life and freshness of any fresh, raw, chilled and cooked foods, meats, poultry, fish and produce before packaging and distribution to retail outlets. CitrusDefence® will keep produce fresh for up to 2-3 times longer than conventional methods resulting in very high reductions in spoilage.

CitrusDefence® Biocide provides an alternative for the nutritionist from traditional products that have created resistance to pathogenic attack.
In addition to the normal sanitizing action, CitrusDefence® Biocide also acts as a gastro productivity maximizer in chicken, swine and fish, eliminating pathogenic micro-organisms (Salmonella, E. Coli, Aspergillus Fusarium, etc.) in the intestinal track i.e. its function is to protect the animal, not the feed.

CitrusDefence® can also be used in the development of functional foods, particularly in the field of oral hygiene, such as gums and functional confectionery.

Personal, Health Care & Cosmetics

Harmonized with nature to protect our everyday lifestyle.

Today's consumers are getting more and more aware of the fact that in general many personal care, cosmetics and healthcare products contain a multitude of potential harmful synthetic substances such as:
Artificial preservatives
Harsh surfactants
Petroleum derived emulsifiers (PEG-substances)
Synthetic dyes (e.g. 'AZO-dyes', 'acid blue', 'acid green' etc)
Chemical aromas and fragrances

Artificial substances have inherent toxicity towards the body and the environment, so consumers are now looking for natural alternatives as CitrusDefence®. Read more here.

In addition, the applications of CitrusDefence® cover the whole field of oral and dental health care in mouthwash and gargle. Its effectiveness is proven in the following areas:
sore throats,
treating bad breath,
cariogenic attacks,

and for other applications such :
Vagina soothing shower
Care calming allergies
Soothing of diarrhea
Ringworm of the foot (athlete's foot)
Nail Care
Hair Care
Skincare (face)

Read more here.



Farms & Veterinary

CitrusDefence® is a Noble Ecological Disinfectant: non-toxic, noncorrosive, non-volatile, 100% Ecological and Biodegradable, an excellent deodorizer which eliminates fetid odorous, there are no contraindications and it mixes 100% homogeneously with water.
Disinfection by CitrusDefence® leaves the environment very close to its Natural state, because animals and people are healthier at low contamination's levels.

CitrusDefence® is an excellent prophylactic, protecting livestock against many diseases caused by Bacteria and Fungi which are present in the air in the confined animal housing system (Ex: Poultry and Swine). These Microorganisms can cause many diseases in the animal Respiratory System.

The Acidifying action of CitrusDefence® activates the Neuro-Vegetative System by Increasing Nutrient Absorption.
The combination of natural anti-microbial (CitrusDefence®) with immunostimulants marks a dramatic step forward in the improvement of livestock health. The two phase approach of attacking the infection while stimulating the animal's own defence mechanism makes for an effective and efficient method of controlling disease,
CitrusDefence® has Antimicrobial Gastro-Intestinal Action that acts against pathogenic microorganisms that originate in the feed, drinking water or the environment. These microorganisms Affect the Immunological System cause Stress, Diarrhea, and interfere with
Nutrients Absorption, thus not allowing the animals to reach their Maximum Genetic Potential.

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